Welcome! This 'webpage' right now is all good right now, man. But I will be thinking of more things to add to other parts of my neocities web-blog.

Hello! I am Dorgon. I am a college student at an university and I am currently trying to learn HTML and CSS. Such is this website.

For sometime I have always wanted to pick up this specific hobby, but due to procrasination and other mental gunk I have been putting it off. If you, a stranger, are reading this at this moment and see little updates every now and then when you open the website, it means I am successful for the moment. If not, then I most likely have a different project or simply went back to my old time-wasting hobbies.


Because it's FREE! And it's also super easy to edit (although I recommend building your original web page using VS Codium or something like that). Now I know I can't really have a unique address unless I pay $5 a month, but I just don't really care enough. And because my shitty web design fits perfectly here.



Things I dislike: